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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families
Healing Barriers to Acceptance

Last week we explored the principle of appreciation as the energy to balance a feeling of lack or need. When we are truly grateful for the gifts we have, and share through love and service, we are in essence spending the energy we have and opening the consciousness to receive more. Do we have barriers to acceptance?

  • Do I feel worthy to accept the gifts of life, including healing?
  • Does my feeling of unworthiness prevent me from asking for help and healing?
  • Am I too self-involved, spending much time talking about or thinking about my own self and problems?
  • How adaptable am I? The pace at which we can expand our consciousness is dependent on our ability to accept change.

Remember that acceptance is tied to gratitude. Continue the exercise from last week. Each day count your blessings. In contemplation ask, "Show me how to accept more love in my life." As a writing exercise or a verbal confirmation, state: "I am accepting God's love for all my needs."
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