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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families
The Purpose of Healing

There is a natural direction, order and flow in the universe. But many people in today's world are severely out of balance. Healing is about restoring that flow, harmony, and balance within us.

While it is natural to seek relief for our pain and discomfort, healing is most effective when it addresses the needs of both the body and spirit. What good is it if we relieve a pain, but our hearts remain empty?

Vibrational Healing

We are complex beings with a spiritual as well as a physical anatomy. Learning to manage our vibrations is the secret to managing our health and our lives. The fast pace of today's stress-filled world has created faster vibrations that wear on our organs and systems and drain us emotionally and mentally. Vibrational healing is personalized healing with frequencies calibrated to the individual's unique needs, bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Directional Healing

Directional Healing is a systematic, multi-dimensional approach to healing the physical and inner bodies through vibration. It does not attempt to diagnose or treat specific illnesses, but rather removes the blocks that impede circulation and free-flowing internal communication. Energy is information the consciousness can use to improve the body's health and one's whole life experience.

With the assistance of a trained practitioner, the healing occurs through a process of resonance, and may or may not involve touch. Through the shared vibrational field of a session, adjustments are made at every level in three distinct stages:

  1. Cleansing and clearing
  2. Relaxing and balancing
  3. Rejuvenating and rebuilding

On a physical level, toxins, congestion, and inflammation may be cleared. This clearing is often experienced during a session as an internal heat, much in the same way that a body has a fever in the presence of pathogens. On an emotional or mental level, fears, stress, and old patterns may also be released and energetically leave the body through the energy gates as cold winds.

As blockages are removed and tensions released, the individual may experience deep relaxation and harmony. The heart center opens and brings a feeling of love and peace. It is during this stage of the session that individuals often report seeing visions, hearing inner messages, or receiving deep personal insights.

The body has an amazing capacity for self-healing and self-organization. When impediments are removed, the body can begin to rejuvenate and heal, often in miraculous ways.

Group Healing Sessions

In addition to private sessions for individuals, Directional Healing sessions are also available for couples, families, and other types of groups that share a common goal or interest. Just as each individual has a unique vibratory rate, couples and family units have a consciousness formed by the combination of the individual energies that make up that group, and can become stressed and out of harmony. Just as in an individual session, in a group session vibrational adjustments are made through a process of inner attunement. Inner alignment not only improves energy and well-being, but creativity, inspiration, and a sense of direction may emerge.
History of Directional Healing

Directional Healing is literally a "dream come true." The work has ancient roots, but had its start in modern times in 1989 when Susan Spalding, a former schoolteacher and long-time student of health and spirituality, had the first in a series of dreams and visions which led her to enter the field of healing. Much of the history of Susan's transformational journey is recounted in her book, An Invitation to Heal. Her breakthrough insights and information on healing are available in her book and through workshops. She believes it is possible, with the right information and understanding, to take the mystery out of being human, making life a more manageable thing. Her goal is to open hearts and minds so that we can each connect with the healing spirit within us. Photo of Susan Spalding

(Directional Healing, as spiritual healing, is not intended to replace medical treatment. There are also emergency situations that are beyond the scope of help provided by a DH session, and the individual should seek the proper medical or professional intervention.)

For more information, contact the Center for Directional Healing.

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