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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families
Developing a More Grateful Heart

The energy that balances a feeling of lack or need is appreciation. Whatever we focus on increases. Instead of focusing on our needs or problems, we can take stock of what we have in reverent appreciation. Energy follows attention. Appreciation brings abundance, even in the midst of loss.

1. Sit quietly for a few minutes and look for the bounty in your life. As you express your gratitude to God, feel God's appreciation flowing into you.

2. Each day for the next week, write a list of at least ten things for which you are truly grateful. If times are hard, there are still universal ways in which we are all blessed. The everyday things around us take on a new dimension and appear as gifts when we become grateful.

3. Find at least three opportunities to verbally or in writing express your appreciation to family, friends, and co-workers. Watch your relationships flourish, and see how love is magically returned to you.
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