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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families

While walking my dog I tripped and fell, causing a bad sprain in my right foot. I spent the day lying on the couch, unable to walk and put any weight on the foot. That evening a friend, who is a Directional Healing practitioner, stopped by for a visit. As we chatted, he held my foot in his hands. At one point, a piercing pain penetrated my foot, and I knew the energy was working deeply on the injury. After about an hour when he arose to leave, I could flex my foot and put weight on it. The next morning I could walk normally! A few days later I hiked for an hour and a half with no sign of the previous injury!
S.D.S. - Huntsville, AL

An out of town client called in a state of desperate worry over some personal problems. During her appointment, she told me how she had literally worried herself sick. She came for a second visit a week later. She told me that after her first session, she could no longer worry about the problem. That even if she tried, there was just no worry left in her. After receiving several sessions, she noticed something even more profound. She said that she knew that the Holy Spirit was always with us, but that this principle had always been only a concept to her. She said that she could now feel a presence helping and guiding her, and she had begun to read everything she could find about Spirit.
S. Spalding - Huntsville, AL

As a long distance runner and former marathoner, I began to experience considerable pain in my right knee. In addition, I didn't sleep well and felt stressed out. After confiding my anxieties and concerns to my friend Helen, she introduced me to Directional Healing. I didn't understand it completely, but I trusted her and felt she could help me reduce the stress and help my knee. During my sessions, I could feel sensations of heat on my knee and other areas of discomfort in my body. In addition, I experienced a new awareness. I was at peace. I felt rejuvenated. As a result of my Directional Healing sessions, I now run pain free and have found a new approach to my day to day stress related issues.
Avry Boswell - Illinois

Recently I had surgery on my shoulder. The doctor said I would have to be out of work 8 to 12 weeks. Little did he know that I would be using healing techniques recently learned in a class on Directional Healing. I did not have to use any pain medication. The surgery was on the 7th, and I went back to work 9 days later!
K.S. - Birmingham, AL

Susan, I think you came to me Sunday morning. I was so sick, could not breathe, had an extremely sore throat and had hardly slept in two nights. I was on my patio in communion with the trees and I saw a brilliant light. I can't really remember what happened then, but I felt immediately better and had the sense that you had been there. Thank you.
Mary - Oklahoma

I have a client with MS who is confined to a wheelchair. When we started treatment, she could move her toes, but that is about all. Her ankles and feet were so swollen that you could barely make out a distinction between her foot and her leg. After 8 sessions, she moved her right foot. She was so excited that she kept moving it and woke up during the night with sore muscles. The next week she could move the left foot. The swelling has gone down in her feet, and she put on normal shoes and went out with her husband to an art festival for 4 or 5 hours. Even with the shoes on and the long outing, the feet still were not swollen.
Barbara - North Carolina

I had an interesting experience with the Directional Healing sessions you gave me. I was having headaches every day and periods of confusion. I was tired and wanted to sleep all of the time. You gave me a distance session as soon as I called, and another one that evening. When I got up the next morning, the headaches were gone! About two weeks have passed and they have not returned.
Mrs. C.H. - North Carolina

I can't thank you enough for all of the help you are giving me. I feel that God is helping me through you. I know He has special helpers on earth, and I believe that you are one of them.
Mrs. P.T. - Pell City, AL

Your treatments are having an effect on me on several levels. It sometimes works on the body, but works in more important ways, I think. The healing can be physical, emotional, or a new recognition, such as understanding the karma or grief, etc.
Mrs. B.H. - North Carolina

I was working out at the spa and hurt my back. It hurt so badly that I could hardly bare it. After your session it stopped hurting and has not bothered me any more. It is a miracle to be free of the pain!
Jean M. - Huntsville, AL

I decided to do healing sessions for a puppy that had been brought into the vet clinic where I work. It was scheduled to be put to sleep because it had incurable mange. She had lost her hair and had red, oozing sores over her body. After just a few days, her hair had begun to grow back and her skin was looking normal. Her eyes had changed from stressed, sad eyes, to warm pools of love. She was happy and playful. She has now been adopted.
K.P.S. - Birmingham, AL

I am 37 and have a history of medical problems. Congestive heart failure, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis. After the first session, I felt like jumping, crying and laughing. I had so much energy. It was a blessing. I have also had a blockage in my left eye that the doctor said was a separation of the viscous humor. There was a dark spot in my vision in my left eye. During a recent session, the black spot disappeared and I could see 100% out of my left eye! I am grateful to Sandy for the gift of healing.
Missy - Texas

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