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The Miracle of Grace

Benevolence implies that there exists a greater state of love and grace that is available to us. The state of grace does not leave us, but rather we move ourselves very far away from it and out natural state of love when we lose the connection to Soul. True healing is a return to love.

The principle of benevolence, the Law of Grace, is an ever present reminder in life that we are not alone, and that we are loved and supported every time we do our very best with love. Withholding love or withholding our gifts and talents from life interrupts natural flow. Love is the current that carries our projects, dreams, and our lives forward. Through this inner alignment, we come into a realization of oneness with the substance of life, that which supplies all things. We have aligned with flow. A life of grace is the path of least resistance.

Is there anyone, past or present, from whom I am withholding love? Am I angry, resentful, or unforgiving toward anyone? To experience the principle of benevolence in our lives, we must extend this same principle to others. Close your eyes and imagine yourself inside a cave with a brightly burning fire. This is the holy fire of purification. It can burn and purge old burdens from your heart. Sit close to the fire and feel the heat on your body. Your chest becomes hotter as the old injuries are removed from it. When the burning is complete, step outside and take a cool drink of water from a nearby cup that is awaiting you. Repeat this exercise as often as needed.

Remember to practice being kinder to yourself and others. Bring love to the smallest acts of daily life. Continue to express gratitude for how God's love and the love of others is helping you. Learn to say "yes" to life. To practice, stand up and stretch your arms out to the side, as far as you can reach. Take a deep breath. To have the chest so open and exposed may feel uncomfortable at first. Breathe out as you say "yes." Affirm that you are saying an unconditional "yes" to life. Even when we feel fearful, we can learn to approach life with acceptance, trust, and benevolence.
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