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Healing Through Love

This exercise can be done sitting or standing. First, sing "do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do" just to remind yourself of the musical scale. We are going to use this tonal scale to bring balance and love to all parts of our being by singing or chanting words of love.

With your eyes closed, place your attention on your feet, and slowly sing "Divine Love" (do). Then move your attention up your body, to your knees (re), then to your hips or lower abdomen (mi), solar plexus (fa), heart center (so), throat (la), center of the forehead or third eye (ti), and then the crown (do), singing Divine Love to the tune of the musical scale.

When you reach the crown, start over at the feet and sing "I am loved," and move up the body singing these words at each point. When you reach the crown, again move your attention back to your feet and sing "I am love" eight times until you again reach the crown. When you finish this simple three-part exercise, you will feel lighter, uplifted, and happier. Love is the greatest healer.
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