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Releasing Fear

Often when we find ourselves reacting to a person or situation, an unconscious fear has been triggered to create the reaction of anger, jealousy, etc. Think back to such a time, especially if you have a pattern of reacting a certain way, and determine the source of your fear. Then consciously apply the spiritual remedy, bringing balance to your viewpoint. With practice, this new way of thinking will become habit, and you will be in control of your own state of being, rather than reacting to fears.

  1. Reaction: Overly competitive, greedy, afraid of lack.
    Fear: I will not have enough.
    Remedy: I am grateful for all that I have. I have plenty. I am accepting God's love for all of my needs.

  2. Reaction: Jealousy, insecurity, needy or controlling.
    Fear: I am not enough, damaged, inferior, inadequate.
    Remedy: My true identity is Soul - whole, complete, powerful, wise and loving.

  3. Reaction: Blame, anger, bitterness, low self-esteem.
    Fear: I will not be accepted.
    Remedy: I see and respect the divinity in all others and in myself.

  4. Reaction: Inability to forgive or to love and accept (including oneself).
    Fear: I am afraid that I will be hurt.
    Remedy: I feel only love. I choose relationships that are in harmony with my ideals.

  5. Reaction: Complaining, criticizing, sulking.
    Fear: I am afraid that I will not be heard and understood.
    Remedy: I express only love. My voice can heal and uplift those around me.

  6. Reaction: Expecting and imagining the worst; worry.
    Fear: I am afraid that I will not be seen.
    Remedy: I see only love. I use the seeing power of Soul to envision my goals and dreams.

  7. Reaction: Stubborn, rigid, depressed, scattered.
    Fear: I am afraid that I am alone.
    Remedy: I am part of a divine whole and connected to all life. I accept love unconditionally and surrender to it. I am love.
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