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Gifts of the Chakras

When we achieve balance and a degree of self-mastery within our state of consciousness, the gifts of each chakra can be revealed. The human consciousness and the lower chakras are concerned with receiving, owning, acquiring, and consuming, but the spiritual consciousness, reflected in the upper chakras, is concerned with Being. In the human consciousness, we try to achieve a state of security by acquiring, while in the spiritual consciousness our security comes from our state of Being. The human consciousness takes from life. The spiritual consciousness gives to life, and Spirit gives back. Dwelling in the spiritual consciousness allows us to reveal the face of Soul, through the gifts that are hidden within each chakra.

1st  Contentment
2nd Authenticity (in our relationship with ourselves, others, and God)
3rd  Balance
4th  Harmony (forgiveness and tolerance)
5th  Choice (discrimination)
6th  Imagination (freedom and transcendence)
7th  Unity and Wholeness (overcoming loneliness)

As an exercise this week, contemplate on one gift per day. If you feel yourself becoming stressed or out of balance, remind yourself of the spiritual gift that exists as a potential within your own consciousness. You may find the gift relates to a situation that you are experiencing.
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