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Heart Wisdom

This exercise was inspired by a dream a healer had one night. In the dream, this healer was in a meeting with other practitioners of healing. A woman went around the room dispensing little heart-shaped pills. There was a code inscribed on each pill. She told him to eat the pill, and it would give him wisdom.

Your health and happiness depends on your connection to your heart. Close your eyes and imagine you are holding one of the heart-shaped pills. Notice the code embossed on the pill. The code is the key to unlock the wisdom in your heart. Place the pill in your mouth and let it dissolve. The nutrients and energy from the pill move to your heart center, and then radiate throughout your whole being. Feel your heart open to share its love and wisdom with you. You are one with the wisdom in your heart.

Take this "medicine" each day for several days or whenever you feel tired and need a boost. As your heart heals and restores itself, you will find a renewed interest in life. Your heart can help you remember the life you were meant to live.
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