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Developing Inner Vision

The sixth chakra is located between the eyebrows and is sometimes referred to as the third eye or spiritual eye. It is the organ of inner vision. Because of its close connection to the brain and central nervous system, the sixth chakra represents the control center of the body consciousness. It influences all other chakras, and through them, the endocrine system.

This is the element that houses our delusions, illusions, and misconceptions. Making a conscious decision to discover the truth about life and to become an aware, self-directed individual is vital to our physical and spiritual well being. This begins with the control of the imagination.

The imagination can be a powerful tool in helping us to improve our lives and heal our bodies. Many books have been written about the use of visualization in healing and changing life circumstances.

It would be difficult to master the use of this center by will power alone. A gentler way to harness the power of the mind exists in the practice of contemplation, or spiritual exercises. The mind can be brought under the control of soul by strengthening the spiritual connection between the two.

Begin by stating your desire to have your mind and will aligned with the purpose of Soul. Sing or chant a word or mantra, such as Om or Hu, or recite a verse or prayer that uplifts you. Sit quietly, and then place in your mind's eye a situation or problem that you would like to view from a higher perspective. What is a positive outcome or solution you can envision? Let your heart fill with love. Know that Soul is already working for your highest good when you align with it. Give thanks for the experience of the problem and the opportunities for growth it is bringing you.

Make a list of things you can do to enhance your inner life, for example, contemplate daily, read, journal, record your dreams, and take solitary walks.
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