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Contacting a Healing Guide

An important part of healing is to invite spiritual help. Ask God to send you your teacher, or to make your guide known to you. Inner guidance can come in a dream, a strong feeling or nudge, or can even be in a written or spoken message that stands out and gets your attention.

If you would like, you can ask the Holy Spirit to create a special Spiritual Advisory Team to assist you with your healing. In the inner worlds, there are spiritual specialists of every kind. There are Temples where you can go to study or for healing. Before going to sleep at night, ask your guide to take you to a place of healing, or to a Temple to learn a new skill that you would like to develop. Your guides can also help you with your spiritual mission. Be sure to record your dreams for clues about your inner journey, or for insights into steps you need to take on the outer to complete your healing of improve your life.
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