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The Language of Love

Communication is the giving and receiving of information in some form. The root meaning of the word communication is to commune. To commune is to be in sacred attunement. To truly commune with the sacred Itself or the sacred in another requires that we first be in communion with the sacred within us. Most of our daily communications, however, are hasty thoughts, words, and actions.

The other side of communication is silence and the gift of listening. Listening requires us to be fully present to hear what someone is saying or needing from us at that moment. With practice, we can begin to hear the soul behind the words, the pain or need behind the anger, or the loneliness behind the criticism. All can be met with love. Listening makes others feel truly seen. True listening has the power to transform.

We can also practice listening to ourselves in a conscious way and examine our communications. Why does our expression sound angry and critical? What are we feeling that we are not acknowledging? Are old patterns creating our messages?

The highest form of listening is listening to the voice of God. Our daily spiritual practice develops our ability to be aware of the quiet inner voice, and can teach us the language of love.

Close your eyes and sing a love song to God. Make it up as you go along. Be a child again. Then sit quietly and listen to God's song to you.

As you begin your day, say: "God is speaking to me. God is speaking through me."  Then for that day, monitor your sounds. Don't grunt, sigh, groan, or complain. Sing, laugh, compliment others; express gratitude; make a joyful noise! You will feel happier, and you will feel better!
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