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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families
Perceiving Life through a Perfect Pattern

When we believe in and serve something larger than ourselves, life has a meaning and purpose that enables us to weather the storms of life, ideals intact, rather than becoming embittered and unhappy. An ideal is defined as a perfect model or standard, an archetype. In man, the ideal resides within the heart. When the ideals of a person, a country, or an organization are destroyed, the heart is destroyed. The heart feeds life to the whole organism. Every path in life must have a heart.

Every day we have the opportunity to choose the attitudes, the actions, and the beliefs that create our life experience for that day, affecting those around us for either good or ill. As we grow and move closer to our spiritual ideals, we find ourselves healing old resentments, restoring relationships, and in short, finishing old business. Carrying old pain, resentments, anger, grief, and self-hatred in the heart for too long can over-burden it, and impede the flow of energy through it.

Love expands the heart. Fear and worry close it. When our hearts our grounded in our spiritual ideals and centered in love, we experience harmony, the essential ingredient for health.

Close your eyes and place an ideal image in your imagination. For example, imagine the face of a guardian angel, teacher, or spiritual Master, or simply an image of what God is to you. Anchor that image in your mind's eye, then move it into your heart. Know that everything that comes to you flows through that ideal matrix, and likewise, everything that issues from you flows through that matrix. Imagine how your life would be different if every thought and statement passed through your spiritual ideal before leaving your consciousness.

Practice this for one day in your life.
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