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Rising Above Our Problems

Some people seem to have a natural ability to live in a transcendent state. For most of us, however, it takes years of living through the ups-and-downs of life before we seek a way to find a higher road and more inner freedom. Spiritual equilibrium must be won anew everyday as the trials of daily life test us.

Transcendence is the principle that enables us to survive in a state of peace and purpose, even in the presence of great challenges. In spirit, we are able to access a higher state of being that carries us above our difficulties so that they do not crush us.

Transcendence is related to detachment. If our mind and emotions are consumed with a problem, the problem controls us, it becomes bigger than we are, and we have a poor chance of resolving it. The answer usually comes when we are no longer thinking about the problem, when we become receptive to the inner guidance that comes from a relaxed state of mind.

A daily spiritual practice, or period of contemplation, opens our awareness and fine tunes our intuition, so that life can be a joy and adventure.

Close your eyes and sit quietly for a few minutes. Think of someone you love or something that opens your heart and fills it with love. Then picture yourself on a grassy hilltop. You are holding a group of colorful balloons. They begin to lift you, and you float upward easily, joyously. Your heart feels happy and light as you rise. Let your journey take you where it will. When the journey completes, gently float back to the hilltop.

Write about any situation or problem that is bothering you or causing worry, or jot down a goal or dream. In your imagination, place the paper in a basket tied to your balloons. Release the balloons, and watch them float away.
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