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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families
Healing as a Vocation

Healing is truly a vocation, but not any more so than the ministry, teaching, the arts, or parenting. A vocation is something we feel an inner call to do. We do not choose a vocation; it chooses us. One who enters a vocation is also usually prepared to make whatever sacrifices that are necessary to prepare for and fulfill his intended role. People rarely think of the years of disciplined work that goes into developing a great athlete or an accomplished musician. For healing, this process involves years of inner and outer research, and thousands of hours working to define and refine the process. A musician must master his instrument. The healer's mastery is to become the instrument.

Because of the spiritual nature of the work, the depth of commitment required, and the intensity of the training, the Directional Healing classes are not advertised to the general public. Individuals called to the work find it by word of mouth or sometimes by unusual means. Healing practitioners are humble, compassionate individuals who realize that it is Spirit that heals, and that their role is to thoroughly facilitate the sacred transactions that occur in a session. Not all healers choose to work with clients on an individual basis. Many serve as silent channels for healing in the work place, family, and world community.

The Study Program

Training in Directional Healing transforms the individual over time into a vibrational center which resonates healing frequencies. Once activated, these frequencies cannot be turned on and off at will. They will simply always be "on," but more intense at some times than at others. The consciousness is changed to one that is always on call to serve the greater good. Thus the work is different from other forms of energy healing that activate the hands as the healing instrument. Any increase in power, love, and ability always carries an inherent increase in responsibility and discipline.

The study program is the completion of more than 150 hours over a period of twelve months of class study, apprenticeship, and practical application. Level changes are approximately three months apart. Each level marks a significant change for the practitioner. At each level the student may be given certain contemplative exercises or projects.

For a more detailed description of the class study and class dates, please contact the Center for Directional Healing.

The Center for Directional Healing
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