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Restoring Balance --The Healing Forest

There is a forest that exists in a world that is just beyond ours in a region known as the supraphysical. In this forest there is a healing tree that is easy to spot because of the luminous energy it emits. There is also a family of unicorns that dwell in this forest. The female's name is Lucky, or Lady Luck, and if you are fortunate enough to see her, your luck may indeed change. In contemplation state your intention to visit this forest. As you enter it, first in your imagination, look for the luminous tree. Sit down with your back to the tree, and place your hands palm down on the ground. The tree represents balance of the four elements, and can restore balance and refreshment to all who visit it. Its roots reach deeply into the ground, receiving food and nourishment and water from the soil. The branches reach skyward and receive nourishment from the air and sun and cleansing from the rain. As you sit, a pleasant energy runs through your spine, carrying renewal to all centers of your body through the nervous system. You can even ask inwardly, "what is the secret of balance?" When ready to leave, express your appreciation to the tree and all life in the forest.
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