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Energy Equipment for Home Healing
An Open Letter from Susan Spalding

Dear Friends,

It was a dream one night in 1989 that led me into the field of healing, and a dream that was the inspiration for the book, An Invitation to Heal. A more recent dream was the answer to an inner request and the start of the miraculous journey with the HTE healing equipment. I believe these products are the perfect complement to any health care service and are proving to be essential for home use for many of us. Please take time to study the website below, and feel free to contact me for more information regarding your individual needs.

As I always do for myself, I recommend you look to your own dreams and inner guidance for direction in your health care and other personal decisions.

Thank you for visiting with us today.

Susan Spalding

Visit the Chi Dvd website for HTE healing equipment.

The chi machine has even improved my golf game. My balance is better. The equipment has really helped my wife and me.
Terry of MI

After two days using the chi machine,my grief lifted, and I feel animated and alive again.
Ruth of AL

After one session on the SOQI bed in your office, my back and neck pain are gone!
Carolyn of AL

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