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A New Direction in Healing for Individuals, Couples, and Families
Twelve Golden Keys of Healing and the Chakra System

When we desire to heal or change our circumstances, it is important to first ask ourselves, "Is there something in my consciousness that is keeping me from healing or moving forward in my life?" Do you recognize any part of yourself in the chart below? A state of imbalance is often generated by an unconscious fear. The resulting stress affects the chemicals and hormones that our bodies produce. Healing is moving from fear to love.
Human Consciousness Fear Stress affects Golden Key of Healing
Needy, Scarcity, Consumerism, Entitlement, Ungrateful I will not have enough. First chakra / Adrenal glands Appreciation: to see God in everything
Manipulative, Insincere, Addictions I am not enough. Second chakra / Reproductive Glands Sincerity: to respect God in everything
Self-centered, Selfish, Victim, Introverted I will not be accepted. Third chakra / Pancreas Unselfishness: to serve God in all life
Resentments, Blame, Judgment, Self-loathing I will be hurt. Fourth chakra / Thymus gland Idealism: to see God working in all things
Complaining, Negative talk, Critical, Argumentative I will not be heard and understood. Fifth chakra / Thyroid gland Devotion: to let God speak through you
Dwelling on the past, Worrying about the future, Illusions & Delusions I am afraid that I will not be seen. Sixth chakra / Pineal gland Personal Effort & Discipline: to see God's will
Rigid, Inflexible, My way is right, Resistant to change I am afraid that I am alone. Seventh Chakra / Pituitary Acceptance: to accept God's will
For more detailed information see Chapter 13, "The Love that You Are," in An Invitation to Heal.
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